Ben Wright (queex) wrote,
Ben Wright

July RPG

What should I write, start to finish, during July?

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What should I write in July?

Putting the Band Back Together: No-hoper group reforms for one last tour, anarchy ensues.
Asleep at the Wheel: A game of loneliness and madness.
Last Flight of the Nukumanu: Something out there is trying to kill all of us.
The Nightmare Foundry: It's Hell on Earth, and Hell is other people.
Loop Garou: Trapped living the same day over and over again, hunted by werewolves.
Leanheart Edge: Politics and warfare around a castle in a fantasy setting.

If you want any more details on what I have in mind for any of these projects, such as mechanic ideas or more setting information, ask here.
Tags: asleep at the wheel, game design, july rpg, leanheart edge, loop garou, nightmare foundry, nukumanu, putting the band back together

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