Ben Wright (queex) wrote,
Ben Wright

RPG Idea: Dracomania

November 1911: Roald Amundsen discovers the Axel Heiberg Glacier on his journey to the South Pole. At its summit, the expedition is halted by a great, permanent ice storm, now known as the Scott-Amundsen Barrier.

December 8th 1912: Robert Falcon Scott, after persevering through the Barrier, discovers a vast, sunken crater in the Antarctic, somehow filled with tropical jungle. His party struggles to find a path down from the lip.

December 10th 1912: Amundsen's group descends into the crater following an ice-melt channel, discovering a plethora of unknown species of animal. These creatures, although small and of disparate forms, demonstrate intelligence at least that of chimpanzees.

January 25th 1913: Scott leaves the Antarctic, with a consignment of the creatures taken from the lip of the crater. They become an immediate hit in British society. Amundsen returns having documented them, but with no samples.

July 1913: Multiple expeditions from European nations flood to Antarctica and the Amundsen-Scott Void, bringing back scores of these valuable animals.

August 1913: The species' ability to form a psychic bond with children is proven. Pope Pius X condemns them as demonic. King George V makes a gift of some of these samples to Kaiser Wilhelm II, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, King Alfonso XIII and Tsar Nicholas II.

November 1913: The craze for these strange creatures reaches new heights, with daring thefts and murders. Their prices reaches obscene levels. Inconveniently, they do not always 'bond' to the child for which they were acquired.

March 1914: Specific lineages of the creature become a matter of national pride for European nations. Royal 'Dragons' step out of heraldry and onto the shoulders of monarchs. Back street 'Dragon Fights', with heavy wagers on the unbonded animals, become a fixture in London and other large cities.

April 1st 1914: You are given your first Dragon to celebrate your sixteenth birthday.
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